6 things drivers can do to improve relations with cyclists

Oaxaca cyclist

  1. When you park, look in your mirrors and your blind spot before you get out. Car-dooring is a very dangerous and sadly all-too-common occurrence that can often lead to serious injury to cyclists (and probably a new door for your car).
  2. When overtaking, you don’t legally have to move your whole car into the next lane. You do, however, need to give the cyclist a safe distance – usually about a metre. Please heed this advice, and don’t speed past the bike rider so your side mirror all but brushes their shoulder. And remember, it takes longer for a cyclist to stop than a car at the same speed, so don’t tailgate either.
  3. Indicate whenever you’re about to change lane or turn a corner. This is something you should do anyway, but it becomes even more important when a cyclist is right behind you.
  4. If a cyclist does something wrong, don’t shout and beep at them as you speed past. This will probably distract them even more, and put everyone in an even more dangerous position. Most of the time, the cyclist will have made an honest mistake. If you pull up at the next lights with them, wind down your window and politely tell them that what they did was dangerous/annoying/stupid, everything should be dandy.
  5. Learn the road rules, especially as they relate to bicycles. This goes for cyclists as well — if everyone knows what is allowed and what’s not, we’ll all have a safer time on the roads.
  6. Join us! The advantages of cycling are many, and often people don’t realise how much they will enjoy it.

Have we missed anything? Please let us know in the comments, on Twitter, or Facebook.

Top image (cc) by Flickr user drewleavy



2 thoughts on “6 things drivers can do to improve relations with cyclists

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